Product FAQs

Bags & Rolls

Can I microwave my Seal-a-MealĀ® Vacuum Packaging Bags?

Easily reheat by placing the bag directly in boiling water or microwave. To microwave, cut corner of bag to vent and place on microwave safe dish.

Can I reuse Seal-a-MealĀ® bags?

DO NOT reuse bags if they have been used to store any of the following. - Raw meats - Fish - Oily Foods Do not reuse bags if they have been boiled or microwaved. Bags containing other food items can be washed in warm, soapy water, or the dishwasher (if desired). To wash bags in dishwasher, turn bags inside out and spread over top rack. Allow bags to dry completely before using.

How do I replace the bag roll in my food sealer?

  1. Pull out one end of spring loaded bag roll holder.
  2. Remove cardboard from empty roll.
  3. Slide replacement roll onto holder. Make sure roll is positioned to dispense from the bottom.
  4. Place end of holder back into slot.

Please note: for VS120 and VS125 series the built-in bag roll holder and cutter is located at the back of the unit. Open bag roll cover and follow instructions above. Click here for detailed troubleshooting information.